curriculum vitae

Here are the meager academic accomplishments of my life.

My current projects include the following papers:


Fuller Theological Seminary (2013-2016)
  Master of Divinity

Arizona State University (2009-2013)
  Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, minor in Religious Studies, summa cum laude


"Praying confidently for the salvation of all." Forthcoming in Heythrop Journal.

"Christian apokatastasis: Two Paradigmatic Objections." Journal of Analytic Theology 4 (2016): 66-86.
Abstract: The present essay elaborates upon some of the important constituent elements of the classical universalist tradition, documented in detail by Ilaria Ramelli’s recent research, in dialog with Oliver Crisp and Jerry Walls, two contemporary objectors to the doctrine of different backgrounds. Its central claim is that the classical universalist tradition can respond to and accommodate the concerns of its objectors while maintaining the firm conviction of the eventual universal salvation.
(book review) "Ilaria Ramelli, The Christian Doctrine of Apokatastasis: A Critical Assessment from the New Testament to Eriugena." Journal of Analytic Theology 3 (2015): 226-233.


(coauthor) "The Medicine which Heals the World: Praying for the Lost, with Catherine of Siena"
I am working on this project with a friend. We address some philosophical problems with petitionary prayer by appeal to the Dialogue of Catherine of Siena.
"The Christian doctrine of the intelligibility of the world" (in progress)
Abstract: This essay offers reflections on the significance of the world’s intelligibility for Christian systematic theology. Ratzinger and Stăniloae both propose the intelligibility or rationality of the world as grounds for belief in a transcendent creator, which inference can be justified by appeal to the analytical metaphysical argumentation of William Vallicella. According to Stăniloae, the recognition of the world’s intelligibility as well as its inability to satisfy human longing for infinite love serves as a summons to personal communion with God. Finally, Maximos the Confessor elucidates the connection between the intelligibility of the world and the deification of the human person.

"Christian apokatastasis contra Crisp and Walls." Paper presented at Rethinking Hell Conference 2015 at Fuller Theological Seminary on Friday, June 19, 2015.

"The Gospel according to The X-Files." Paper presented at God and Truth II conference at Glendale Community College on October 14, 2014.


Grand Canyon University (January 2015 - Current):

Instruction Assistant (January 2015 - Current)  I grade papers, hold office hours, etc. 
Adjunct Professor (August 2016 - Current)  I have taught these courses: PHI-103.