Thursday, May 5, 2016

Christian apokatastasis: Two Paradigmatic Objections

I announce my first peer-reviewed publication:

"Christian apokatastasis: Two Paradigmatic Objections," Journal of Analytic Theology 4 (2016): 66-86.

Here is the abstract:

The present essay elaborates upon some of the important constituent elements of the classical universalist tradition, documented in detail by Ilaria Ramelli’s recent research, in dialog with Oliver Crisp and Jerry Walls, two contemporary objectors to the doctrine of different backgrounds. Its central claim is that the classical universalist tradition can respond to and accommodate the concerns of its objectors while maintaining the firm conviction of the eventual universal salvation.

I am thankful that by God's grace and by the help of many friends I was able to get an article accepted for publication in a very estimable journal while completing my M.Div. This paper is a later draft of the paper I read at the Rethinking Hell 2015 conference at Fuller in Pasadena last year, which you can find here: "Christian apokatastasis contra Crisp and Walls."

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