Saturday, March 21, 2015

The grand reunion at God's kingdom

I tell you, many will come from east and west and will eat with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven (Mt 8.11).

One of the pains of life in this world is separation. We are separated from people we love, whether our parents, our children, our friends, or our neighbors in a number of ways. Sometimes what separates us is death; other times it is merely the circumstances of life. The separation is painful nonetheless.

I don't like to be separated from others. I moved twice in my life, once when I was around ten years old, and then again when I was around thirteen. I was separated from my friends because my family had moved to another state, and I have since lost contact with many of those friends. I was separated from other friends because we went to different schools and never kept in touch. I was separated from yet other friends because differences of opinion proved too great a strain on the friendship. These things were painful for me. I will probably be separated from these people yet again, if I should go out of state to do my doctoral work. I don't want to be separated from others, from the ones I love. I always liked being with others for long periods of time, enjoying their fellowship and simply experiencing life together.

With at least some persons I have been reunited, and this is a blessing from God in my eyes. The greatest blessing of all will be had then, in God's kingdom, when we will be united with all those from whom we've been separated. Whether it was death or differences of opinion or merely the circumstances of life, we will come together and enjoy each other's fellowship and the fellowship of Christ all as one. Abraham will get to see his grandson Jacob; Isaac will get to see his father once more. I will get to see my friends -- and my enemies -- in  a grand dinner party that has no comparison or rival on this side of history.